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28th Mar 2020, 1:02 PM


Situation Updates~

Howdy folks, been a while! Here's an update on things:

Comic wise, currently planning out chapter 2 and outlines of a few other chapters, as well as making new references and character designs (which you can see on my other blogs/on my toyhouse ^^). 

Otherwise... well, my honors thesis is basically cancelled, as labs are closed for the forseeable future (and mine is lab based). My options are to defer for a year, or change my project into something microscopy based that I can do from home. My state is in lockdown, so yeah shit sucks rn.

Commissions are a priority rn, as I don't have much to do, I can get them out in record time. As the aussie dollar is garbage compared to USD at the moment, commissions are extra helpful ^^ I have a new type at the moment: mystery designs! Cheap character designs, with a get-what-you-get type deal (you provide a rough prompt, and rest is up to creative freedom)

Anyway, you can follow this link to follow me on your social media of choice ^^

Also, promo for mystery design commissions x3

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